FQSH/LFR Recordings

On this page you will find various recordings: in order, podcasts for others, sermons and radio spots.

The first group are from Like Flint Radio (including three when they were FutureQuake Southern Hemisphere).  Here is their Facebook group and website

The following recordings have been uploaded to youtube and I've created a playlist for these podcasts.

FQSH Show 57: Salvation (link to youtube recording).  There is also a separate page for the show.

FQSH Show 63: Grace, Faith, Works and the Law

FQSH Show 66: Creation: the question of origins from a biblical perspective with Eleana van Niekerk.  Also found at FQSH66

LFR Show 10: Holiness, Sin, Judgement and Justification also found at LFR10

LFR Show 17: Temptation also found at LFR17.  (Please also check out my sermon on the Temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4)

LFR Show 20: Flint flake show.  These are eclectic shows that include more than one topic from more than one presenter. On this occasion the show covers the topics of Narcigesis (making the Bible all about us instead of Jesus), GK's Greek Spot and Eusebius.  I am the guest on the Greek spot and we look at Jesus 

LFR Show 51: Flint flake show.  On this occasion the first flake is on Cessationism, then mine on "Are Easter and Christmas pagan?" and then a flake on the Septuagint.  Or here is my section on its own, recorded for Like Flint Radio, 21 April 2016.  At LFR51

LFR Show 58: The Sermon on the Mount. In this show I examine Jesus' use of the Law and Grace in presenting the Constitution of His Kingdom.  At LFR58

LFR Show 63: Flint flake show includes a 20 minute segment from me on "Jesus the Loving King" which summarises Matthew 8 & 9, and on either side of that a discussion on Pokemon (at the front) and on Porn (after).  At LFR63

LFR Show 64: My testimony of peace which includes a bible study on peace and events from my life from conversion and following on the topic.  At LFR64

Recorded for LFR: Calvinism is unbiblical. This is an exploration of the doctrines of salvation as taught by modern Calvinists, including their understanding of predestination, the ordo salutis (order of salvation). I explain why faith precedes salvation (including conversion and regeneration).